On my Android home I have just 2x1 of space left and would like to use it to show weather forecast.

2x1 is not big, but it could at least show a sun/rain/snow icon and temperature for today and tomorrow. Maybe something like this:

Ideal weather forecast 2x1 widget

Must be 2x1, must show forecast.
Must be free, wonderful if open source.

I have tried most of the Google Play top results, none of them fit the requirements:

Weatherzone does not seem to show any forecast:


The Weather Channel only shows the current weather. Forecast widgets are at least 4x2:

The Weather Channel

Weather & Clock Widget Android only shows the current weather. Forecast widgets are at least 4x1:

Weather & Clock Widget Android

Same for WeatherBug:


Same again for Weather 360, forecast &widgets and The Weather Network.

Weather Forecast does not recognize "Tokyo, Japan".

  • You could install an app which will show the weather forecast in your notification bar. I use the open-source "Weather notification" app by Denis Nelubin, plus his "Bigger text" skin. Commented Sep 3, 2015 at 0:24
  • Or you could post a separate question and ask whether or not it's possible to shrink all your widgets and icons 10% smaller. You might have to squint in order to read the shrunk text; but you could fit more widgets onscreen. (Who knows: on a rooted phone, maybe there even exists some way to change your phone's DPI setting on a per-app basis. Maybe using Tasker or whatnot.) Commented Sep 3, 2015 at 0:25

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The Yahoo! Japan weather app has exactly that:

enter image description here

It is free, but not open source.

Warning: It is in Japanese.

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