While page2rss been reliable so far, I'd like to move as many things I rely on to my own servers.

Core functionality: Point it at a web page. Generates RSS feed I can read with an rss feed reader. One feed per page.

Since this is for webcomics, I should ideally get the whole webpage content, or selected elements inline in the feed. (If in doubt, page2rss meets my basics in terms of what it outputs).

Platform: Linux/ubuntu 14.04 if it needs a web server. I'm not picky over UI here - for basic use I'm fine with text mode configuration file and no webui, and/or it being something that I run via crontab.

I'm fine with software written in almost any language, but sane install notes are a must. I currently run applications on php, and I have mysql and postgres instances, so if I need a database for the application either would do

Nice to have: A webpage where I can click or drag on to select elements for the rss feed or some other way to select what elements are included.

Licence/cost I prefer free/gratis software. I'd consider paid software if its exceptional. Its for personal use so I'm not too picky over licences, and if its open source, I'm cool with that.

  • got any luck with this search? I'm looking for the same Mar 27 '16 at 6:47

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