I'm looking for an IT asset management software to store records of (at least) machines and installed applications. It will be used to inventory a large group of Windows workstations and Linux servers.

It should have the following characteristics:

  • agentless
  • able to create the inventory with minimum hassle via autodiscovery e.g. by logging in with administrative rights on each machine
  • preferably Open Source and/or free

Are there other solutions you recommend apart from GLPI? Apparently there's a lot of programs available but I need some advice to separate the wheat from the chaff.


I would recommend 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer (you can find it here) Unfortunately, it's not an open source, but it has an advantage which souits just for you: it allows collecting data via WMI (Windows Management Instrument), without agents' installing. You just need to have administrator rights. The program allows generating a lot of reports on installed software and hardware.

Here there is a video which shows how the program works. Link


I would recommend Lansweeper either paid or freeware.

freeware requires a .exe to be run that sends a machines information directly to the server. (logon script)

where as the paid for version allows for automatic scanning of machines within the network (can be windows, most *nix, apple and some vm's) as well as a heap more.

(NOTE: I am not a employee of lansweeper)

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