I have a recent need/want to view multiple images (e.g. up to 30) side-by at different magnifications, crops, etc. --- For my Windows computer.

I remember back in MS Office 97-XP, there was a software called MS Photo Editor. Each image would launch in its own window (i.e. back then, called MDI - multiple document interface).

Is there a modern equivalent? I tried Irfanview but couldn't get it to work. According to FastStone website, it allows allows 4 images at a time.

Is it my best bet to try and install an old version of MS Photo Editor?

  • In what way is this different from opening 30 images, each in its own window? Why do you need any particular support in the image viewer? – Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Aug 30 '15 at 7:38
  • Try PhotoDesktop 1.6 by tenutec.com – John Makkoy Apr 5 at 6:13

I've found PhotoDeamon which up to the 6.0 release supports MDI. After the 6.0 version, they now have a new looking layout which also may work for you.

PhotoDeamon (Open source)

A free, portable photo editor focused on performance and usability. Macro recording and batch processing are key features. English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish translations available.

Version 6.0 User Interface Version 6.0 User Interface

Version 6.6 User Interface Version 6.6 User Interface

Download the 6.0 Version

Download the Latest Version

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You can use Mulimg_viewer. (This is my repository).

Mulimg viewer is a multi-image viewer that can open multiple images in one interface, which is convenient for image comparison and image stitching.

Mulimg_viewer supports sequential and parallel mode to display image.

Mulimg_viewer is implemented in python and currently provides Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 versions.

Future: The parallel zoom function of the picture is being realized and I believe it will be released soon.

GitHub: https://github.com/nachifur/Mulimg_viewer

Wiki: https://github.com/nachifur/Mulimg_viewer/wiki

Multimg_viewer screenshot

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    Ok, thanks for your reminder. I have modified it, is it okay now? – nachifur Sep 19 at 13:07
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Many years ago, I used to use an old shareware version of Paint Shop Pro which had a browse feature which tiled images together, allowing me to compare.

Windows also shows images in tiled views, so browse to the directory, and in the view menu, change to small/large/extra large to view the images together.

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I've found MultiImage Pro which up to the 1.6 release supports MDI. After the 1.6 version, they now have a new looking layout which also may work for you. Download it at www.imagexsoft.com

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