I'm looking for an open-source addon for Firefox that allows saving web pages along with metadata. I understand this functionality is similar to Pocket or Evernote Web Clipper, but I have not used either.

Essential features:

  • Provides a way to save text from a webpage to local disk, by highlighting some text and using a hotkey...
  • ...along with the full webpage itself (including images, stylesheets, etc., as in firefox's "Web Page, complete")
  • ...and the URL

Features that I DON'T need, nor want (but it's not essential that the addon lacks these features if the code is good and not too big, since then I can remove them myself if needed):

  • Saving to 'the cloud'
  • Integration with phones or tablets
  • Integration with social media systems
  • Indexing / searching

Nice to have:

  • A way to save tags along with the clip, with a good UI
  • Saving a timestamp along with the clip
  • Clean code
  • A way to run an external program when a clip is saved
  • Free (libre) software
  • Not too many features
  • Saving PDF alongside the web page source
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    As you list "Free (libre) software" as "nice to have", do you mean "open-source" (which you seem to require) in the literal sense, i.e., that the source code must be readable (but not necessarily licensed under an Open Source license)?
    – unor
    Aug 22, 2015 at 14:34
  • @unor: askubuntu.com/questions/78958/… Aug 22, 2015 at 15:20
  • @unor it should be licensed under an open source license, yes. It would be best if the maintainer / project worked by free software principles. Aug 22, 2015 at 15:23
  • Okay, so you seem to require a license that is approved by the OSI, and you would welcome a license that is also approved by the FSF (most are approved by both anyway, but there are very few exceptions), right?
    – unor
    Aug 22, 2015 at 23:00
  • @unor I don't require a license that is approved by the OSI, and I'm neutral on the FSF's approval per se. I do require something that's open source, and I approve of free software. Thank you for the questions but that's honestly as specific as I wanted to be: my criteria just aren't that tight. I'm sure there are already enough nice-to-haves to over-constrain the problem. Aug 23, 2015 at 9:43

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ScrapBook X is a powerful and improved fork of ScrapBook. Its source is released under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

It DOES include a keyboard mapping feature for capturing the selection through a user customizable keyboard combination which is enabled through Tools->Add-ons->Scrapbook X->Preferences in Firefox.

Here are the features.

There are a number of add-on helpers that further extend the utility of ScrapBook X.

Compared to ScrapBook, ScrapBook X emphasizes bug fixes and usability improvements, but also adds new features.


WebToPDF also a nice option.this addon is free and and No server processing. It will take screenshot of whole page.even include which is not shown currently on-screen (scrolling)

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