Actioncams have a fisheye. Therefore recorded videos are intentionally distorted. In this distortion, a range of view is encoded, by projecting it on a sphere and putting a camera in the middle, you get a horizontal field of view of about 175°.

Which software framework (xna, unity, ...) in the free version is best suited to create a program that offers to load a video file, projects this video file on a sphere and lets the user view it with his mouse or head tracker. How could you go about creating it in the software mentioned?


You could almost certainly use ffmpeg to do this by inverting the values used for k1 and k2 the lens correction filter so as to take an undistorted input and produce a fisheye output.

  • Free
  • Open-source
  • Cross platform – most major platforms are supported

Alternatively you could use OpenCV to do the job.

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  • "as to take an undistorted input and produce a fish-eye output." it is about the other way round. – Zurechtweiser Aug 20 '15 at 13:09
  • @Zurechtweiser - if you take a movie that was not filmed through a fisheye and apply the opposite correction to that which would have been needed to generate it from a fisheye format film then it should produce the fisheye. I read the question as I have a normal film and I need a fisheye. – Steve Barnes Aug 20 '15 at 15:22

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