I'm looking for a Firefox extension that enables me to select multiple tabs, then copy their links in a custom predefined format by clicking a predefined keyboard shortcut.

I've found these extensions the nearest to what I'm looking for:

  • Multiple Tab Handler
    • Good because it enables me to select multiple tabs and copy their links in a custom predefined format via context menu. But the only thing making it not satisfying is that it doesn't have the option to set a keyboard shortcut for this.
  • Tab Mix Plus
    • Good because it enables me to set a keyboard shortcut for the copy url. But what makes it not satisfying is that it doesn't have the ability to customize a url format, and doesn't have the ability to set an Alt+something keyboard shortcut.
  • There's a plugin that does exactly all what I'm looking for (but on Chrome): Copy All Urls is able to copy selected multiple tabs' links in a custom format using a keyboard shortcut.

Basic Preferences

  • Custom URL format
  • Ability to copy text as RTF
  • Ability to set keyboard shortcut
  • Copy only Selected Tabs option

More Preferences

  • Compatible with Firefox Developer Edition v42+
  • Has the ability to set an Alt+Something keyboard shortcut.

I am a big user of Firefox and other Browser Keyboard Shortcuts and of Firefox Keyword Shortcuts, but I don't think keyboard shortcuts would be appropriate even if you could devise a method of invoking them easily. There are severe limitations on adding anything to keyboard shortcuts that is not going to interfere with Firefox and/or other extensions. I would say that any extension that adds more than one meaningful keyboard shortcut is almost certainly going to step on another extension and changing keyboard shortcuts to avoid conflicts is really not enjoyable (keyconfig addon).

If you really want to use Menu (Alt) shortcuts you can use CoLT addon but you would be missing out on what Multiple Tab Handler addon has to offer, which is a choice of a lot of different formats of your own creation (some of mine with examples).

A keyboard shortcut is not really going to gain anything if you are using MTH, because you use the context menu with the mouse and continue to use the mouse to choose between currently active or all of the tabs, then to choose which format you want. In fact it is easier to use then memorizing a complicated series for ALT shortcuts that allows you to stay on the keyboard but only do one tab at a time.


Easy Copy is another addon and one reason you might prefer it is that it allows you to create rich-text format (RTF) that you can paste directly into places accepting such text without the need to create RTF by placing output from Multiple Tab Handler through an online HTML editor to create RTF text. Easy Copy templates and the main context menus work very similar to your options in MTH.

The Easy Copy addon description also carries a note that you can apply a keyboard shortcut to frequently used templates using the Keyconfig extension described at MozillaZine. There is now a Key config addon at Mozilla addons. I use the keyconfig extension mainly to resolve conflicts between keyboard shortcuts of Firefox and many extensions. I am suspicious of extensions that need to add multiple keyboard shortcuts and try to use smaller simpler extensions that work better but this is one way of resolving keyboard shortcuts of those I want.

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