A MediaWiki wiki table looks like this:


It renders as:

a1    b1
a2    b2
a3    b3

Wikipedia editors often need to reorder columns (for instance alphabetically), because of renamings or when translating to a new language. Reordering is very error-prone, especially in tables with 15+ columns and 100+ lines.

QUESTION: Is there a tool that could reorder columns painlessly?


  • Open Source
  • UI, script, command line, anything is OK
  • Any OS is OK
  • Not supporting the whole specification is OK, just the format seen in the example above is OK

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There was no such software, so I created one, as open source (GPLv3):


It is very user-unfriendly:

  • bash script
  • you have to edit code to specify what order you want
  • no error handling

... so any other answer is very welcome!

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