Is there any software/website you can use to Backup data from an FTP server to a cloud service like Onedrive, Dropbox or google drive (or something else)?
Because it takes some time to download the folder first on the computer and upload it then on Onedrive. And it's kind of stupid, because in the end I don't need the files on my computer.


If you have access to the server with FTP (usually a Linux), you can use rsync to synch / copy files somewhere. Question is the other cloud service, if it can be mounted to the linux machine or not.

For One drive you can use onedrive-fuse-fs from https://github.com/mk-fg/onedrive-fuse-fs

After One drive is sucessfully mounted to the FTP server, you can simply copy files to mounted folder by rsync (or if you do it only once, is enough to use mc - the midnight commander)

For all of this you will need some linux experience.

If the FTP server is a Windoze, then just connect One drive temporary on the server and then shre it to One drive.

If you do not have executable/admin access rights to the server, sorry...

  • Hmm, I'm not admin, but the webhoster offers to install things, if they are useful for everyone. I will ask them. And thank you for the answer :) – szoszk Aug 16 '15 at 19:19

From the question it isn't really clear if the FTP server is "given" or if it's something you have the liberty to install and deploy yourself. In the latter case, you may consider to deploy your FTP (FTPS or SFTP) server directly in the cloud, which would inherently store your data in the cloud where you have deployed it.

One option is SFTP.cloud, which runs on Amazon (AWS) and can be deployed in 1 click from the AWS Marketplace. This would, of course, store your data in the AWS cloud (not OneDrive or DropBox, which are more suitable for individual use as opposed to real enterprise-grade cloud services).

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