I have started using git-annex, including its metadata/tagging features to organize my personal files.

I want to be able to search the tags and other metadata that I have manually added using git annex metadata. git annex by itself might be enough for this, though I am not sure if performance will become an issue, since I want searches to complete in under a second even when there are perhaps ten or even a hundred thousand files in a repository.

I also want to be able to quickly search the content of git-annex controlled files. For example, the content of PDF and openoffice files. I imagine that ideally this would use git annex metadata so as to not lose the association between git annex-controlled files and the search index, even if the working copy changes a lot because of e.g.:

  • not all file content being present all the time in any given working tree (a major feature of git annex)
  • metadata driven views causing drastically changing working tree layout over time

I imagine the index would be based on one of the lucene-based systems (in particular solr or elasticsearch), or a similar tool like xapian. Is there any existing code that already integrates such a search system with git annex?

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