Besides Quiver, is there any other OS X or Web-based note-taking app that has:

  • Full Markdown support, including the ability to write and render code snippets.
  • List view to browse the notes.
  • Does have the usual stuff like tags & search.

(Quiver by the way supports code snippets, but it's doesn't use the Markdown syntax for that, so sadly it's not good for me.)


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You could look at doing your note taking using iPython/Jupyter Notebooks.

  • Full Markdown Support in several flavours
  • MathJax for equations.
  • HTML support
  • Not quite WYSIWYG but as soon as you move on to the next cell the cell that you have been working on is rendered.
  • Embed local or remote files
  • Code snippets in hundreds of programming languages with full syntax highlighting
  • Can also embed data from the web
  • Can generate charts, (including based on live web data)
  • Code only cells can also be executed and the resulting output displayed in multiple programming languages, (depending what you have installed), including python (default), Julia, R, Bash, Haskell, Ruby, Perl.
  • Save to ipython notebooks and export to Markdown, HTML, reST or pdf.
  • Automatically saves your work in progress every few minutes
  • Allows reverting to specific checkpoint.
  • Free - gratis & open source
  • Runs on multiple platforms including OS-X, Windows, Linux

An example showing some of the features: enter image description here


Markdown Notes would be a good contender here. It has markdown, code highlighting and live preview, among other things.

There's a live demo on the front page.

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