Don't get confused: this is no dupe of Roundcube plugin for notes :)

I'm looking for a plugin to the Roundcube web mailer that allows the user to upload/store/download files. I'm open to variants on how these files are stored – but would prefer variants where the files then are accessible directly from within the file system.


  • integrates into Roundcube, ideally in the navigation pane (where the Email and Addressbook links already reside)
  • stores files preferably directly in the file system (e.g. in configurable location outside the web tree). Other variants might be acceptable as well – but no cloud stuff, please :) The cloud-storage tag on this means I wanna be my own provider, kind of a "local cloud")
  • allows upload/download of files
  • some organizational features (hierarchy or the like) are nice, but not mandatory
  • must be restrictable (i.e. admin can define who can use it) and support quotas (I don't want any pron collection other than mine :)
  • no other "fancy stuff" needed – though I'd not reject useful features as long as they don't get "too heavy" (e.g. sharing with other accounts would be a real nice-to-have)

I've already searched all kind of "plugin registries", and even skimmed Github using "roundcube" as search keyword – but nothing turned up. In this case, I didn't even see screenshots indication such a plugin. But technically it shouldn't be too hard to implement – so maybe it exists somewhere else and I just didn't find it?

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