I have an app that used to create events on Facebook through the API when users organised them. create event was removed from the API in v2.0

Can anyone suggest a good, free, web-based (OS independent) event app that:

  1. allows events to be created by API
  2. lets users join event very easily with Facebook, Twitter and/or Google account
  3. allows events to be shared very visibly on FB, etc.

In sum, I want a slick replacement to events that I can make from my app! Please help..


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Google has an events API here

From the about events page:

A user can invite other users to an event by including them in the attendees event property when inserting or updating the event. Each attendee will see a copy of the event in their calendar. By setting the sendNotifications parameter in the insert or update request to true, the attendees will also receive an email notification. The user that owns the original event is called the organizer of the event.

The attendee copy of the event has the same event ID as the organizer copy, and most of its properties are identical, except for private properties of the event such as event reminders, colorId, transparency, or the extendedProperties.private property. Whenever the organizer changes any of the shared properties, such as the event start time, summary or location, the change is reflected in each attendee's copy of the event. The attendees can also change the shared properties of the event, but the changes are only reflected on the attendee's own copy. The only event change that is propagated from the attendees back to the organizer is the attendee's response status, stored in the attendees[].responseStatus property.

The events.import method adds a private copy of an event to a given calendar. No other users specified in the attendees[] or organizer property will receive a copy of the event on their calendar.

The organizer of an event can be changed using the API method events.move. The actor performing the method must have write access to both the source and target calendars.

  • Easily shared with Google users
  • Can be published to plus.google.com
  • Invite only or can add self, can also limit numbers,
  • Integrates with google calendar

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