I am building a very simple application in C#. It involves scanning an ISBN on a book with a barcode scanner that simply inputs a string of numbers into the program.

There are a few options that I have come across, but they look as if they can only be implemented via HTML and PHP.

Does anyone have any recommendations for any APIs or Libraries that I can use easily within a C# application to get information about a book via ISBN?

At minimum, I will need:

Book Title

Book Author

Code samples and links are welcome. Thanks in advance! :)


You can use this library Nager.AmazonProductAdvertising and install it easy with nuget. The library also supports .NET Standard 2.0.

If you want to use it you have to register with the amazon affiliate program. This causes no costs. You need an accesskey and the secretkey to start.

Install the library in your project

PM> Install-Package Nager.AmazonProductAdvertising

Short example for search a book with the isbn:

var authentication = new AmazonAuthentication();
authentication.AccessKey = "accesskey";
authentication.SecretKey = "secretkey";

var wrapper = new AmazonWrapper(authentication, AmazonEndpoint.US);
//The Lord of the Rings
var result = wrapper.Lookup("978-0261102385");
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