I am looking for a software (preferrably free) that allows me to simply clone multisession DVDs. I have a set of back-up DVDs for my system which I would like to replicate to store in a different location than my original copies. Ideally, I just want to pop in the original DVD and a writable DVD and obtain an exact copy. Any thoughts?

  • One word of warning - multi session - un-finalized optical disks often don't work on other devices or after a system restore/reinstall. Aug 13, 2015 at 20:52

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The best software I've used for multi-session DVD is:

Cheetah DVD Burner

Multi-session DVD discs may not be readable by some operating systems below Windows XP.

Multi-session DVD discs may not be readable if the subsequent sessions exceed 2.0GB. The first session can be of any allowable size. This rule only applies to DVD-R and DVD+R.


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