I am looking for a small cross-platform utility that I can recommend people use to generate salted SHA1 digest passwords suitable for use with OpenLDAP. The utility should:

  • Not require installing or any options to run
  • Not transmit the password over the wire in any form
  • Enforce some basic password quality rules
  • Generate a hash compatible with those made with slappasswd

Installing OpenLDAP, enough of a Unix environment to run slappasswd, or even just the tools needed to SSH to a remote host on random customer's Windows or Mac computers just to generate them a password is too much work. What is a simpler option? Is there a puttygen equivalent for hashed passwords?

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    Having done a bit of searching I pretty much gave up hope that something existed already so I sat down and wrote a Javascript based one this afternoon. If no answers turn up to this question I may package that up as a single downloadable html page for offline use and release it somewhere. – Caleb Mar 13 '14 at 18:02

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