I am looking for a good library to help me scrape information off of a certain website. The path the scraping has to follow can be rather dynamic, meaning that if the initial scrape is on a page of type 1, the next one will be on a page A, otherwise on a page B, etc; i.e. depending on the scraped info, it should follow another logic.

I have looked at Selenium as a possible help here, but there might be better options for it, specific to scraping, rather than testing.

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jsoup is a really nice library to parse and scrape HTML pages.

  • It has a simple and easy to use API
  • It is actively developed and open source
  • It has no dependencies to other libraries

I used it in a project and it worked great.


Some open source web scraping libraries for Java are:

  1. Jsoup (Recommend)
  2. Webscrap4j
  3. Mechanize

But, Jsoup and Webscrap4j are very user friendly, and convenient to use with nice documentation.

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