Not sure how to ask this. I have attempted to search for this but it's extremely difficult to find software and not just training seminars for it.

The basic functionality I would like would be a piece of software that has varying levels of projects from beginner to intermediate, preferably some tutorials and maybe even a built in IDE. The projects should be something interesting and fun to develop, the majority hopefully not taking too long to make.

As for languages supported, I would want popular languages not languages designed specifically to learn software development. The initial languages that comes to mind is Java, C-based, Perl, Groovy/Grails, Ruby, Python etc. If it's other languages than great, I am looking to improve my skill set.

Web-App would be an option but I think I would prefer something local. I would like something more than a simple list of different projects, something that will be more extensive and hopefully have a community behind it.

Not sure if this exists, if not I will just continue checking out code golf and playing with it.

I know this can be a vague question, please comment to help narrow things down and I will update regularly. I am not positive of all of the parameters that should be here.

Thanks everyone!


http://www.cyber-dojo.com/ might be worth a look. It's a web-app intended for learning Test Driven Development in groups.

It allows you set up a session that multiple participants can join. They can then complete the selected challenge in the Language/test framework combination. After which each step in completing the challenge can be played back to facilitate learning from the process.

Comparing with your requirements it has a - Very good range of languages supported including all that you have listed. - Quite a long list of little projects/exercises to try. They quite interesting to solve, though are not graded by difficulty. - Provides built-in though somewhat primitive IDE functionality.

Language/test frameworks supported:

C#, C++ GoogleTest, C++ assert, Clojure, CoffeeScript, Erlang, Go, Groovy JUnit, Groovy Spock, Haskell, Java Approval, Java Cucumber, Java JUnit, Java JUnit Mockito, Javascript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Ruby Approval, Ruby Cucumber, Ruby Rspec


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