In Firefox, you can bookmark a page via a hyperlink by right-clicking the link and selecting "Bookmark This Link". Unfortunately, Chrome doesn't have this feature, which I love so freaking much and use a good amount of the time.

Is there a Chrome extension that can give me this feature?

I would prefer it to be able to run on both Chrome for Windows and Chrome OS, but I would at least like it to work on one of these.


  1. Windows

    • Make & Model: HP Compaq dc5700 SFF Base
    • Operating System: Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64
    • Browser: Google Chrome, v44.0.2403.130 m (64-bit, Stable)(Up-to-date)
  2. Chromebook

    • Make & Model: HP Chromebook 11
    • Operating System: Google Chrome OS, v44.0.2403.125 (Stable)(Up-to-date)
    • Browser: Same as OS.
  • Do either answer solve your issue, or are you still missing something which hinders you in accepting an answer? If so, please clarify
    – holroy
    Commented Aug 10, 2015 at 9:02
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    No, I just haven't been on the site for a little while. Lol. Commented Aug 11, 2015 at 21:08

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Finally found some extensions which seems to do the right stuff:

  • Right Click Bookmark - When installing it asks for a folder to store the new bookmarks in, adds Add Bookmark to context menu, which opens a dialog window asking for bookmark title with a default of the link title
  • Contextmenu Bookmark Link – Adds a context menu Add Bookmark, which saves the link into the Other Bookmarks folder using the URL as the title
  • Link to Bookmark – Most of the user interface is Chinese(?), but offers a possibility to specify folder, and to add links with undefined as title for the saved link
  • Link Bookmarker – Adds Add Bookmark to context menu, and adds the bookmark directly to the bookmark toolbar, but doesn't conserve the title, uses the URL
  • Bookmark This – Adds Bookmark This to the context menu, but can't see the result anywhere...

My suggestion is to use Right Click Bookmark for adding bookmarks to single links, as it preserves the title of the link, and you are able to specify the folder when installing the extension. In addition install the LinkClump, as suggested in my other answer, to allow for selecting an area with links and storing all the links at once.

  • Wow, thanks! :) Yeah, I don't have any need for LinkClump, but I'll definitely look into Right Click Bookmark! Commented Aug 11, 2015 at 21:06

After some searching I found two alternate workarounds, which does have some of the functionality you are looking for.

Linkclump extension

This extension can select a block in a web page and then either open all the links or bookmark the links.

To get this to work do the following:

  • Install the LinkClump extension
  • Change configuration so that the action is Bookmarked and not the default Opened as New Tabs
  • Save, and potentially close the configuration window

When you now hit Shift and drag the selection box over one or more links, it will add the links to a a newly created folder within the Other bookmarks folder named LinkClump .

Using the bookmark manager

I haven't found an extension to do this, but I've found kind of a workaround:

  • First open the bookmark manager in a new window/tab
  • Find the link, right-click, and select "Copy link address"
  • Goto bookmark manager, hover over a bookmark folder, right-click and select paste

It's not as elegant as the firefox solution, and it doesn't keep the title of the link, but maybe it is a little better than opening the link and then hitting the bookmark button.

Neither of these are just what you ask for, but maybe better than your current options...

  • Yeah, it's a shame Chrome doesn't have that option. :/ Nevertheless, it's sort of expected with Chrome; it's kind of known for being comparatively restricted. For what I have available to me, though, thank you! :D Commented Aug 11, 2015 at 21:07

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