I'm looking for a software that enables me to create a series of activities. I set the period of each activity. When an activity ends, a notification window appears telling me to go to the next activity. Also I could set the number of loops of the whole series, which enables a series of activities to repeat multiple of times.

Also I can create and merge multiple series. Example: Set "series 1" to play with looping 3 times, then play "series 2" with looping 2 times, then "*series 3" with looping 2 times. And loop the mother series (containing both "series 1", "series 2", & "series 3") infinitely till I stop it.

Simply, we can consider that a countdown timer represents an activity. I'm looking for a software that enables me to play multiple countdown timers one after another.

The nearest software to what I'm looking for, according to my knowledge, is Workrave. Unfortunately, Workrave lacks the ability to create multiple activities (It has only two activities "Micro-break", and "Rest break"). Also it lacks the ability to run a series of activities (I can't tell the program to run 20 mins of work, then 5 mins of micro-break, then 20 mins of work, then 5 mins of micro-break, then 20 mins of work, then 10 mins of rest break, then repeat the whole series.

Essential Features

  • Ability to pause, or skip activity.

Nice to have features

  • Ability to create auto-transitioning activity guiding slides like what on Workrave. (Screenshot)
  • Activity log: logs the time you've taken in each activity.
  • Ability to set notification window appearance period.
  • Ability to run activities in parallel (simultaneously): play multiple activity series at the same time.
  • Ability to set customized break periods between specific activities.
  • Ability to describe activities with styles (background colors, font styles, font colors, ... etc.) and text content (comment, description, title, ... etc.)

Other Preferences

  • Has to be a Windows desktop application (Windows 8.1)
  • Price: Any


If you've a strong assumption that this app doesn't exist, so let me know in order to start programming such app.

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    Do you need this to be gratis or would you be willing to pay for it? (If so, how much?) – Angelo Fuchs Aug 7 '15 at 11:49
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    It's preferably be for free as I'm a student. If not, it's ok if it's around 15$. If more, I would try the program and think if the application worth the money, if it really worth, I could save for it. So we can say the price option for this question is ANY – Omar Aug 8 '15 at 20:42

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