I've been checking out https://github.com/dacr/jassh and https://github.com/sirthias/scala-ssh

Neither seem to work...


Here's one that crossed my way, it's called Scala FTP. It's open source and available on GitHub. It does not look like it has support for SFTP but, at the time of this writing, you said in the title FTP/SFTP (FTP or SFTP). Note: This library hasn't been updated in two years.

Scala FTP (open source)

A small library for working with FTP in Scala

object E {

  private val client: FTP = FTPClient() // create a new FTP client instance

  def downloadFileExample() : Unit = {
    client.connectWithAuth("ftp.mozilla.org", "anonymous", "")


    if (client.filesInCurrentDirectory.contains("README")) {

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