So I have this number I need to call and then go through this annoying phone menu, and I have to do it every hour. I'm thinking there has to be an app for this somewhere but Googling has not turned up anything for me. To clarify what I want is an app that allows me to:

  • Dial a phone number
  • Wait a couple of seconds then key in some numbers
  • Wait a few more seconds and key in a few more numbers
  • Wait yet a few more seconds, key in more numbers, then hang up

Anyone know if there is an app out there that can do this? Having this happen on a schedule would be nice but I don't having to kick it off manually every time, just having something to navigate the menu would be great.

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In the old days there was a hardware solution, most hardware modems can do this for you, especially fax modems - you had to read the manual but with the basic command set sending to the modem the sequence:

ATDTSomeNumber ,,, 2 , 3 , 2 , 6 ,,H0

Would dial SomeNumber wait for 6 seconds, (2 seconds per comma), press 2, wait 2 seconds, press 3, etc., then hang up. You can usually vary the length of time waited per comma by sending the command S8=n where n is a number of seconds.

The Android Solution

You can also insert pauses into your mobile phone, on android phones you can insert a wait, with a prompt using ; or w and a 2 second pause, no prompt with , or p - just edit the contact number to read:



0123456789 ; 2 , 3 ,, 5

To dial 0123456789 display a continue prompt, for the line to be answered, and then when you press continue send 2 & wait 2 seconds, send 3 & wait 4 seconds then send 5.

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