I'm looking for a Free/Open Source PPC Reporting Tool. Here's what I'm looking for more specifically,

  • The ability to connect to Google AdWords
  • Export Report's to (or the ability to covert to) a PDF
  • White Label, (Doesn't insert something like a watermark showing the tool used to create the report)
  • Software (not a web app) that runs on Windows 10
  • Free (not a trial) for commercial use

I would like to be able to include in the reports over a given time frame,

  • Avg click through rate
  • Total spend
  • Total clicks
  • Avg cost per click
  • Total conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • Total impressions
  • Average position

Some features I'm also looking for but aren't required are,

  • Ability to connect to Bing Ads and create reports from that source
  • Ability to show results in graphs and/or charts

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I would suggest taking a look at using Pandas which is a python toolkit:

  • Free Gratis & Open Source
  • Cross platform
  • Allows you to query the various services that you need to provide the raw data
  • lots of data manipulation and plotting tools
  • likewise lots of export options, (with no default watermarks), including to pdf via external libraries such as pandoc, reportlab, etc..
  • you report can contain anything that Google AdWords or Bing Ads reports and any results from manipulation/combination of the data produces, e.g. you could, assuming the data from AdWords can be grouped by geographic location and date you could include a factor for the weather in the general geographic at the date for the location from another source.
  • you can easily add new data sources

There is a good example of using pandas with Google Analytics here which ends with a nice graph that shows the views and visitors per hour for two domains using data fetched from Google Analytics.

Example Plot

  • Thank you, I'm more looking for an already made solution but I will take this under consideration
    – Tom
    Commented Aug 6, 2015 at 14:23

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