I'm looking for a tool like tripwire on Linux. Tripwire allow to designate folder you want to monitor and the program alert you when a change is made to a file.
What I want is to identify which file has been altered and also what was the modifcation, and what was the original file.
It could be considered as a Tripwire with a versionning when someone modify a file.

  • For monitoring, there's inotify on Linux, see How to execute a command whenever a file changes? on our sister-site (and also see this article) – but that covers only part of your request. For the remaining part, take a look e.g. at this Gist to be used as a wrapper, you could specify your own actions this way (e.g. copy the changed file, or use Git/SVN to trigger a "checkin" for versioning). – Izzy Jul 30 '15 at 12:28

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