Looking for open source software (not SAAS) that can deploy projects to different endpoints via protocols such as SSH, FTP, Amazon S3 etc.

More specifically:

  1. I will compile static websites and build them using my build process
  2. Drop these into a directory that is monitored, or maybe run a bunch of custom shell commands
  3. Deploy these websites to different places using different protocols per project. Some will be deployed using SSH, GIT, FTP etc. So I need it to be flexible.

Is there such a platform complete, that is not too high learning curve?


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I have been using saltstack for tasks similar to this. The learning curve may be a little higher than what you want...but I didn't think it was worse than any other deployment software.

A good place to get started is here.

Another great thing about saltstack is that their IRC is super active, and people are there asking and answering questions a decent amount. If you need help understanding something, and you've actually googled it first (of course), then you can find their IRC and get help there.

Hope this helps.

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