I'm looking for an email auto responder that has this feature:

  1. When user sends first email, they get a response with email a.
  2. When user receives email a and sends second email, they get responded with email b - Only if they have received email a.

There are many products which can achieve the first stage, but is there a product, that can be linked with WordPress (maybe plugin form) which can achieve both stages?

If you have any suggestions please share (ideally free products but I would be prepared to buy if it's the best solution).

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You can use a MailChimp account which has autorespond email structures, together with WordPress plugins. You will have to investigate which one suits you best - it is too long ago that I actually did this.

[Edited to add]
There is a MailChimp for WP plugin that only lets you create one form in the free version (maybe that is enough). I also had Gravity Forms and Mailchimp working together at the time.

  • thanks for the reply. I have used mailchimp in the past, but I was completely unaware it could do what I was after. Would I achieve the result using automation feature? I will also check out gravity forms!
    – benscabbia
    Commented Jul 28, 2015 at 9:50

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