I want to search and replace multiple words at once.

I know there's a software for this but the additional thing that I want is for example: I want to replace "add" with "include" then replace "include" with "add" but I don't want the first replaced word to change with the second replacement.

I know it's crazy but is there a software or anything that I can do that with?

I have already tried Office-word Search and replace software and it can't do what I want.

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    For Windows? In which files are these words? – unor Jul 25 '15 at 16:37
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    Without "special software", that should be achievable with 3 steps: 1) replace "add" with e.g. "§§§tmp§§§" (or any other term not being used elsewhere), 2) replace "include" with "add", 3) replace "§§§tmp§§§" with "include". Done. – Izzy Jul 25 '15 at 17:42

Two ways (that I know of) to accomplish this,

  1. (Provided by @Izzy)

    1. Replace "add" with "$#$one$#$"
    2. Replace "include" with "add"
    3. Replace "$#$one$#$" with "include"
  2. (Provided by SuperUser) -Requires Notepad++

    1. Search -> Replace
    2. Find what: (add)|(include)
    3. Replace with: (?1include)(?2add)
    4. Click "Replace All"

Before text

Step 1

Step 2 through 4

After text

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