The OpenStreetMap wiki shows many, many clients and I am not sure how to navigate it all.

I would want the features and appearance of the client to resemble the features and appearance of the online version as close as possible.

To be specific:

  • Offline
  • Must work natively on linux
  • Querying
  • Navigation (car, bicycle, foot)
  • Map layers
  • Decent graphics
  • Easy setup
  • Synchronize data

Does anyone know of an offline client for OpenStreetMap on Linux that they love?

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I use Cruiser. Its platform is Java so it will work on Linux.


  • Offline detailed vector maps (Mapsforge)
  • Map file chooser
  • Add multiple maps
  • Render theme file chooser
  • Render theme style with overlays selection
  • Render theme SVG graphics
  • Variable text size of vector maps
  • Online maps (MapQuest, Mapnik, Cycle Map, Transport Map, Humanitarian)
  • Adjust scale of map display
  • Bookmarks
  • Copy to clipboard (latitude, longitude)
  • Status bar with latitude, longitude, zoom level
  • Compatible with OpenAndroMaps


  • Offline routing (GraphHopper)
  • Graph chooser
  • Graphs creation
  • Waypoints management
  • Drag waypoints
  • Reverse route
  • Export route (GPX)


  • Import (GPX, GeoJSON)
  • Go to position with coordinates / zoom
  • Measure
  • Map screenshot
  • Reload map
  • Map info

Atlas User Interface on Linux

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    It is now called "Cruiser". Jul 15, 2019 at 6:04
  • Thanks, @GolarRamblar - answer updated accordingly
    – Tom
    Jul 15, 2019 at 17:42

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