In the next months, I'll be developing a review app as a my first "big" personal project. Here are some actions and features that it will have:

  • Storing forms (text+images) which contain users' review about an element (an element could be a product, a service, a professional, etc).
  • Elements:

    • are not related with each other
    • won't be more than 150 elements.
    • won't have more than 15 reviews each.
  • Users can add image files to the element review (up to ~3mb each), there will be no initial limitation for the number of images that a review can have, but, the number will be around 50 on the long run and never less than 5.

  • Reviews can be deleted by the user and by admins.

  • All content will be moderated (I need to check the quality of the uploaded data and it will be public just after it's accepted).

I'm a frontEnd guy with little experience (just a bit with SQL dbs), so, I don't have enough knowledge to evaluate what's best. For me, there's no difference between learning one or another type of db.

For what it's worth, the app will have a AngularJS frontEnd and a Node.js backEnd. Based on the research I've done, it was between MySQL and Postgres for SQL dbs, MongoDB and CouchDB for Document-Based NoSQL dbs and Neo4j as graph-based DB. So:

  • Is there any advantage to using one or another type of database?
  • Does any database match better with a nodeJS backEnd?

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