Being a developer myself, I find it very hard to create showcase of apps I made.

I created a template in Photoshop and it does not look bad, but it's nothing like on the images below. And there are constantly new tricks appearing on the web. So in the end, I spend a lot of time creating templates in Photoshop and when I create it, a new and better one appears.

Is there any webapp which I can use to upload images or PSD file, choose presentation template and create cool images like these below?

I would be willing to pay up to $15 per month.

When I say showcase, I refer to images like these (randomly chosen via Google images):

Note: The price I would be willing to pay for such a tool is any standardized price for web services. Right now, it's from "free" to "$10-$15 per month". Any such service always has a free account for 1 project or some similar benefit.


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