Let's assume the following criteria:

  • A team of developers work in different locations and timezones
  • These developers often work on other projects and don't necessarily have the bandwidth to always do code reviews "live"
  • Github is the version control tool of choice
  • A web-based tool would be optimal, especially if it could integrate directly with Github.

This team of developers needs the ability to collaboratively comment on design suggestions in an ad-hoc way (including replies and suggestions).

Here's an example of one web-based tool I found, but the experience was very confusing and arduous:

Probably the closest technology I've seen that exhibits the behavior we're looking for is web-based document editors (like Google Docs) that allow inline comments and discussion.

Does such a thing exist? (And no, "blame" and forking in Github is not adequate!)

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I had a pretty good experience with Reviewboard https://www.reviewboard.org, I recommended it before: Peer review software for programming assignments

Specifically for your requirements:

  • works great for geographically dispersed teams
  • review actions are very granular (comments/answers/issues/edits/etc) and can be executed independently or can be batched and published together at any time (no 'live review' behaviour)
  • according to their page it supports hosting services including Github
  • I did see that in my travels, but it looks like a seriously overkill solution for what I'm trying to do, and the UI looks like a pretty steep learning curve. Jul 24, 2015 at 4:00
  • I had exactly the same impression at first. A quick demo from the one who recomended it helped, but just trying it on a few reviews got us hooked in just a few days. That was some 5 years ago or so, they did add lots of features since (but you only use what you need). I never looked back. They have a demo/sandbox area on their site, maybe worth a live try. Jul 24, 2015 at 4:23

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