Problem: I forgot my Nexus 4 in the sun and now a vertical line like the one shown by the red line below is not responding to touches. The problem is that getting a LCD + digitizer replacement costs more than the phone and I couldn't find anyone willing to try replacing just the digitizer. The phone is still usable, but the problematic area stretches over the e, r, d, and x keys of the keyboard, which makes typing a huge pain.

Nexus 4 showing unresponsive touchscreen area

Solution: Having a keyboard that can be resized to only use the right side of the screen would be able to make the phone usable again. I have tried using SwiftKey's compact mode but it still stretches a bit much to the left, which makes the mode changing key, along with a and q unusable.

Question: Is there a keyboard application that allows resizing the keyboard so that I could have all of it on the right half of the screen?

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I found a solution. The Touchpal keyboard can be resized in any direction. This can be achieved by opening the application, going to General settings, then Keyboard appearance and then resizing as needed.

A further problem I faced was that I could not resize as it would require the use of the dead area of the touchscreen. I overcame this by using TeamViewer QuickSupport and resizing through my computer.

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