Kaomoji is a powerful way to add expressiveness to characters-only conversations:

(*_*)   ^_^'       m(__)m    (^▽^)ノ    (^。^@)/    ヽ(^^)(^^)ノ♪    _| ̄|○
\(^0^)人(^0^)/    (゜゜)(。。)    (≧へ≦)    (-_-メ)    (*`Д´)    (・∀・)つ目

Most kaomojis include unusual characters, and are hard to remember/type. Japanese mobile devices keyboards include them, classified in categories.

I am looking for a way to quickly find the relevant kaomoji for given keywords.
For instance a query for give tea happy would return (・∀・)つ目 and similar ones.
A bit similar to http://giphy.com except Giphy returns GIFs instead of kaomojis.


  • It could be an Android app, a third-party web tool, a web service API, or a Linux-compatible desktop program
  • Free to use
  • The UI and keywords can be in any language

This is what i've found so far:

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