In the project that I am working, I need a third-party library that can make the followings with SVG polygons:

  • I can view the origin point
  • Accept a background image
  • Can draw polygons that can be moved by mouse, grouped, overlayed, zoomed
  • I want also to add custom properties
  • I must draw them programmatically, giving coordinates serialized into the database and deserialized in a JSON format.

I looked at D3, Snap, Raphael, Draw2D, Sketch.js, svg-edit src google, but I need to find a library as simple as possible, something like a "framework" that will generate all those requirements faster.

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Essential Diagram for JavaScript allows you to create dynamic diagrams and serialize them to a JSON format. Simple sample application:link. Note: We have used ASP.NET MVC for the serverside database integration, but you can switch that out as needed.

The whole suite of controls is available for free through the community license program if you qualify. Note: I work for Syncfusion.

  • I've made already a part of the application with method-draw (svgedit but much nicer interface) because it permits to draw very complex paths without problems and also exports them with json. Altought I looked at your alternative and it's pretty good.
    – AlexP
    Aug 27, 2015 at 12:07

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