I am a C# Windows Forms programmer.

Recently I started learning MVC with DevExtreme and started working through a tutorial.

I found the tutorial project would build in Visual Studio 2013, but that the application would not work correctly (a button would not appear). This puzzled me for some time until I realized that the incorrect references inside the .cshtml file were not causing the build to break as they would in a Windows Forms project.

What software or development environment is there to assist with debugging HTML code?


Amaya by the W3C is, unsurprisingly, the most standards compliant IDE that there is it.

enter image description here

I have used it for years for pure HTML, although I tend use other IDEs when mixing HTML with code such as PHP, AngularJs or NodeJs. Alas, I have no experience of C#.

If you doubt the HTML produced by your C#, then run it through the official validator.

  • thanks @Mawg. Can Amaya detect if a reference path in the head section is not correct? Visual Studo +Resharper can visually highlight that the path is incorrect, but the project will still build without error - which surprised me since a bad reference will cause an error in a WinForms build.
    – Kirsten
    Jul 20 '15 at 21:30

From a quick google search Aptana is a good open source editor. It is free. And it looks like a pretty good ide. Another one is notepad++ it color codes your code but does not provide debugging info I wonder why visual studio does not work. I would try reinstalling it because visual studio has the best ide

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