I would like to dynamically build my maintenance (CRUD) webpages from a repository. The UI definitions should in the end come from a DB at the backend.

Are there (not totally outdated) open source WYSIWYG editors for webpages that store UI definitions in XML or JSON?

Like ExtJs Gui Designer (http://extjs.org.cn/ux/GuiDesigner/ sources: http://extjs.org.cn/node/298)

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Maqetta is an open source technology initiative at Dojo Foundation that provides WYSIWYG visual authoring of HTML5 user interfaces for HTML5 (desktop and mobile):

Maquetta GUI

Maquetta self is a pure, single-page JS application written in Maquetta, too.

Dojo is a Javascript framework using HTML5 markup extended by XML to define the GUI elements. More clearly, you can construct the GUI visually, and finetuning it with CSS and positioning HTML5 tags:

Dojo source screenshot

Dojo has AJAX support as well, but the binding of the GUI events to the CRUD operations will be your task (not really complex task). For single-page JS apps it is a perfect solution, especially because dojo uses the AMD (asynchronous module definition) class-loading javascript paradighm to load its modules (and sub-modules) on the need, asynchronously, by ajax.

On my experience, Dojo and Dojo-based solutions are quite common by big German companies.

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