I have lots picture that is taken from different books. I also have some pd file.

TOday, I'm looking for a Document Management Systemsthat can review the file and also enable to make tag.

The closest software you can use i SharePoint but it is used for large company.

Do you have any recommendation?


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    Can you please edit your question and give a few more details: what is a "pd file" (PDF?), what OS must be supported, what do you understand by "review the file", what features should the software have (apart from review & tag)? To give you "tailored recommendations", we need to know your requirements as close as possible :) – Izzy Jul 18 '15 at 13:21

If you don't need any special workflow, and mostly need image management + tagging support, try Evernote.

If it's not enough, write more about:

  • who will be using the software
  • do you need any workflow, user/group permissions etc.
  • desired environment: Windows, Linux, browser
  • desired integration with other systems
  • planned budget

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