I'd like to plan a travel itinerary in a Gantt-chart-like fashion. This is what I'd like:

  • Zoom in down to resolution of less than an hour, zoom out to resolution of months
  • Ability to set "task" start/end time manually, or through GUI
  • Works and saves file offline (but a JavaScript/HTML solution that I can run locally is OK)
  • Hopefully can indicate "dependencies" on the timeline with arrows
  • Free/Open Source for Linux

So far, I have looked at these applications:

  • GanttProject - cannot zoom in at resolution of hours, events cannot be set in terms of hours
  • ProjectLibre - Can zoom in to hours, task/events start/end can be set in terms of hours - but it adds constraints automatically, and you cannot set an end of the event beyond the declared end of work day - unless you do something with custom calendars which I really don't understand
  • planner - can zoom into hours, but cannot set task start and end in hours

ProjectLibre might in principle be suitable - but I find this setting up of custom calendars and work day constraints extremely difficult, just to be able to write in "task" that represents a flight landing (say) Saturday afternoon.

Is there anything simpler I could use for something like this - a Gantt chart like a visualization of a travel plan/itinerary?

EDIT: Also related: jquery - javascript gantt charts -charting data by day/hour/minutes - Stack Overflow (however, not very easy to use); also SIMILE Widgets | Timeline, but you have to write code manually, and there seems to be no zoom


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All your requirements are met by RationalPlan Single which is free for Linux:

  • versus GanttProject: You can zoom in up to minutes
  • versus ProjectLibre: It does not set constraints on tasks if you link them but if you drag them to a certain date or change the start date a constraint will be added to stay at that date... it is all about project management. If you do not like the Standard predefined 8 hours per day calendar you can use the 24 hours one or even declare your own working calendar which is really easy to be done.
  • versus Planner: You can set a custom date format to enter even hours

Note: I am one of the developers of this product.


Not exactly a native gantt or even a dedicated planning tool, but definitely zooming: iMapping

  • Zoom in down, zoom out √

    • You can nest Objects as deep as you want and zoom very deeply by factor more than 10000
  • Ability to set "task" start/end time manually,

    • there are no form fields or such, but
  • ... or through GUI (√)

    • You can make objects (boxes) any size/width/length and write in them whatever you want
  • Works and saves file offline √

  • can indicate "dependencies" on the timeline with arrows √

  • Free/Open Source for Linux (√)

    • Free for up to 300 items / map. Possibly, you can even get the full version free for linux.

Disclaimer: The iMapping Tool is developed by me.

  • Please disclose that this is your tool.
    – anon
    Dec 2, 2015 at 12:14

I was looking for the same thing, and I just found that Notion.so has a "Timeline view", similar to a Gantt view:

enter image description here

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