I would like to produce some astronomical star charts; something like this:


or the one here. Most star charts are set for the Northern Hemisphere; I'm in the Southern, and would like to have some printable charts for my latitude and longitude, which contain the objects I want, and in which all the objects are appropriately labelled.

There are many astronomy software systems, and libraries for different programming languages, but I haven't yet found one which creates nicely labelled charts. And as I say it has to run under Linux, which is my preferred OS. (Well, in fact, it's my only OS).

Are there any such systems or libraries?


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kstars has a way to create charts. One of the authors of kstars has written a blog post about it. Unfortunately, the links to the charts are not working right now.

Edit: Found the logbook project on github.


I would recommend you Cartes du Ciel, it has a huge catalogue and the charts are very good looking, you can also print them in paper. And, of course, it runs in Linux (rpm and deb packages available).

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