I'm looking for a program that can:

  • combine several PDFs so that the first page of each PDF has an odd page number in the combined document (e.g. by inserting a blank page if needed at the end of PDFs that have an odd number of pages)

If possible:

  • easy to use (e.g. no need to write some scripts)
  • work on Windows 7, but other Windows or Linux is OK too
  • free

Surprisingly, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI does not seem to allow such a PDF combination easily (if you know how to do it with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, please add an answer in the linked question, but ideally I'm looking for an easier/cheaper solution).

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There is pdftk which is available for windows and includes a free version - the only trick you might need to use is to have a blank page to insert as needed.

There are free & paid for versions and a command line server version, (included in the free version).

If you would like to get sophisticated then install python and pyPfd2 this will allow you to set up a script that will do exactly what you need, again you will probably need a single blank page inserting where needed. (N.B. Both are free).

  1. Create a single page word document
  2. Save as pdf
  3. Combine your PDFs using pdfsam (http://www.pdfsam.org/)

Note: After every pdf that has odd no of pages insert the blank page pdf you had created. This is a manual process.So do it only if the pdfs to be combined are small in number

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