Scenario: I am using Google Keep for notes. I took a photo of a product that I want to get in the future. However, I would prefer to use a better image than what I took, so I want to download an image of the product from the web. I COULD go onto Chrome, do a Google image search, download the image, upload it locally, and then delete the downloaded image.

Then I got to thinking that there's got to be an app that allows me to choose an image. When I use the Choose Image over Camera, it gives me a selection of apps, including Gallery, Dropbox/Carousel, etc. Now I just need one in the list that allows me to choose an image from the Web.

Funny, I tried a couple top image search apps, but they don't seem to be options when you choose an app for images.

Do you know of any decent apps that will do this?

  • Not the proper solution, but an alternative. You can use google keyboard when taking notes and tap the google icon and do an Image search, it will paste the URL for the image there itself in the notes. You can use the URL for reference. But it definitely wont let you copy the image from the search right over there. I will think of alternatives and let you know :) Oct 31, 2017 at 10:01
  • Did you ever find something? If so, could you share it, please? Jul 3, 2018 at 19:54
  • I have not yet, but I'll post if and when I do.
    – Jon Lawton
    Jul 4, 2018 at 12:25

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From the browser, I have been using TinEye for many years. Give it an image, or an image URL, and it returns details of all web pages containing that image, which you can sort by size, etc

It has an API which claims "Fast search through billions of images" and "Find heavily cropped and modified versions of images" among others.

Hosted API

The TinEye API is a fully hosted API. There is no software to install and no updates to worry about. By using our hosted API, you save time and money needed to build and maintain your own image recognition solutions. Easy to integrate

The TinEye API is easily integrated with your existing technology, regardless of the languages and tools you use. Fully documented

The TinEye API is a REST-based API, delivered over HTTP or HTTPS in JSON format. REST/JSON bindings are available in all major programming languages. We also support a growing number of language-specific libraries to make integration very straight forward. Our documentation and libraries are extensive. Scalable and high performance

Multiple image query support including JPEG, PNG, or GIF. Query images can be specified by a publicly accessible image URL, or uploaded. Large and growing image index

The TinEye API searches the TinEye index which is an index of a large cross section of the web. The TinEye index is at 25,462,149,173 images today. Proven technology

Built by TinEye's image recognition scientists and backed by a decade of research and development, the TinEye API is the ideal reverse image search solution for image search and verification.

It is not , but you don't ask for that. It starts form 1 cent per search, up to 4 cents per search.


Try ImageSearcher plugin by Steven Schoen from Play Store. It works well. Sometimes it will show API error depending on its mood. But still better than nothing.

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