I am looking for a software for Android and/or Linux to annotate EPUB files.

It should have the capability to export the annotations. Preferably in XML or other easily parsable format.


I think it is not possible using only 1 software, but maybe you can do that this way:

  1. Install pale moon, a prerrequisite of epub reader Lucidor

  2. Install Lucidor

    wget "http://lucidor.org/get.php?id=lucidor_0.9.15-1_all.deb" -O lucidor09.deb
    sudo apt install ./lucidor09.deb
  3. Make annotations in Lucidor (for a guide, look here) and locate the file's annotations.sqlite path

  4. Now, you have to install R and a pair of packages

    install.packages("RSQLite")  # same for XML
  5. Export annotations as xml Ref 1, Ref 2

    sqlite    <- dbDriver("SQLite")
    # replace with correct PATH:
    db <- dbConnect(sqlite,"/home/USERNAME/.ordbrand/lucidor/b2e53o8w.default/lucifox/annotations.sqlite")
    dfannotAnnot<-as.data.frame(dbReadTable(db,"annotations") )
    dfannotTarg<-as.data.frame(dbReadTable(db,"targets") )
    xml <- xmlTree()
    xml$addTag("document", close=FALSE)
    for (i in 1:nrow(dataframe)) {
      xml$addTag("row", close=FALSE)
      for (j in names(dataframe)) {
        xml$addTag(j, dataframe[i, j])
    #save to file
    cat(saveXML(xml), file="Annotations.xml")

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