I'm using PHPStorm as my main IDE to development in PHP.

I was looking for any plugin to count lines of code (LOC) but I didn't find any. Someone knows a good option?


  • Count all lines of code;
  • Count lines ignoring comments and PHPDoc blocks;
  • Count lines of a specific file;

Plugins for other JetBrain products which can be adapted to PHPstorm are also welcome.

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I just found a plugin in the jet brains repo. Its called PHPStats - SLOC Counter. It does the SLOC analyses but in my option could have some better features, for example selecting files and via eg rightclick -> count SLOC get shown the SLOC for that selection.

  • Indeed, it could be better, but looks like the only option. Thx.
    – James
    Commented Aug 12, 2015 at 17:07

There's another plugin named "Statistic", but it seems to be intended for Java:

Shows project statistic. This plugin shows files sorted by their extension along with size, line count LOC etc. User can select (Project/Module/Package/File) scope using the 'Refresh on selection' button. (This plugin requires Java 1.7)


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