I retrieved a backup of my email account with Google takeout. The back up a Gmail account is a .mbox. As a result, I'm looking for a program that would:

  • be able to view a large .mbox, i.e. larger than 10 GB and ideally larger than 50 GB (since my Gmail account is around 50 GB). Windows MBox Viewer didn't work for me even with a 1.4 GB .mbox file, which seemed to be too large for it.

and if possible:

  • work on Windows 7, but other Windows or Linux is OK too
  • free
  • doesn't need to configure a POP account beforehand (I think Mozilla Thunderbird requires it but I'm not sure about that one)

You could try loading the MBOX file into an IMAP server that uses MBOX for back-end storage. I believe Dovecot does this. Then you could browse the mailbox with an IMAP client.


How about converting your big single file to a series of linked web pages with indexes and such? Then you can view in a browser, etc.

If that will work for you, check out mhonarc - https://www.mhonarc.org/MHonArc/doc/mhonarc.html

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