I am looking for an Android application having the following features:

  • Can play MP3s
  • Can assign labels to MP3s: ideally we could choose in which ID3 field they should be saved, or that could be exported easily (e.g. in a CVS with fields: MP3 filename, label). Still ideally, the user should be able to create labels. Labels are strings, e.g. "house".

If possible:

  • Can list all MP3s that have been assigned to a given label
  • Allows to navigate to any directory and play all tracks located in this directory (like the app Folder Player)
  • Can assign several labels to one track
  • Can play FLACs as well
  • Is free

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Lithium Music Player offers tag editing feature as well as listing according to the tags assigned.

It however does not allow navigation to a directory and playing tracks from a certain folder as you would wish, but you can restrict the content to be played to a specific folder in the SD card.

I am using a free version which I did not get from the market but its charged US$2.00 in my country. Here is the play store link

  • While this theoretically answers the question, it would be preferable to explain how mentioned tool meets OP requirements.
    – danijelc
    Commented Mar 17, 2014 at 14:58

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