I have been reviewing DADiSP 6.5 for use in a large project. This software looks very promising however, I would like to look at alternatives software as well.Some of the concerns on DADiSP are:

  • The user interface is somewhat dated - since Windows 10 is coming out, this has raised concerns. Having to run an older version of Windows in a virtual machine in order to run an application will eliminate the software as a candidate.

    • Reviews are very positive - but once again, dated.

What are some alternatives to DADiSP that support large data streams (on the order of 50 to 100 GB)?

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Pandas with Python & iPython is more than powerful enough to do that size data stream, is free, open source, cross platform and you can use a web interface. Plus you can directly access databases, the web, etc., as your data sources.

If you specifically like the spreadsheet like interface it may also be worth looking at pyspread.

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