I've recently bought an External Harddisk, and I haven't even finished opening the package yet. Although, I'll be connecting it to my PC later this week, I needed to know if I could sync my files and folders to this harddisk. A way to sync all files and folders to my external harddisk.

I'm trying to look for a good app, that lets me select the changes being made to my synced backup. For example, when I move a music album folder to a different directory, and later start the sync when connected-via-usb, then this app could let me select what changes I'd like to update to my external harddisk, and what changes to be ignored? In this case, it should show that the location of the folder has changed. Maybe keeping an MD5 on all files and tracking those files and folders that way, I'm not sure, dropbox does something like this, therefore I was wondering if there's a offline portable app that I could keep on my external harddisk, and sync easily!

Thanks for any help!

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Synkron is the one tool you are looking for:

since Synkron is no more developed, maybe try DirSync Pro... it seems to also have a analysis tool.

and also FreeFileSync seems to have something like a comparison/analysis-tool.

  • Thanks! I knew about Synkron, although didn't know I could compare two folders before the sync too! I'll try FreeFileSync too! It had max points on alternativeto.net website...
    – mk117
    Jul 5, 2015 at 12:37

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