I'm looking for an Android app that automatically prevents the device (phone or tablet) to lock the screen depending on a few circumstances:

  • Time: the device is (going to be) in a "safe" area for mm minutes or until hh:mm
  • WiFi network: the device is connected to a known, predefined, WiFi network.
  • Geographic position: the device is within a circle centred in a particular location (given by GPS coordinates, i.e. latitude and longitude)

The app should be able to handle at least one of those situations; perhaps the one I'd be more interested in would be the one about time.

Use cases

For example, the app could give me the ability to save various WiFi networks on a list, and when this functionality is activated, it should automatically prevent the device to lock the screen if connected to one of the WiFi networks on the list.

This means I wouldn't have to input my PIN to enter the home screen of the device, in practice disabling whatever screen lock is configured. Note that after some inactivity I still want the screen to turn off, but when that happens, if I then press the power key the home screen should be displayed immediately without me typing the PIN.

Other use cases are pretty self-explanatory: the device should not ask me for the PIN until a target time is reached or if the device is within a circle of radius x centred on a specific latitude and longitude.

App type

I'd prefer a free/open source app, but I could also accept a paid app.

The app should work on non-rooted devices.

First thought: for those of you who know/use Tasker or something similar, is it a tool that could help me to achieve what I'm asking for?

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    Did you read this ?! Commented Jul 2, 2015 at 6:54
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    @wingedpanther Thank you, I had a quick look at Llama and it's potentially really good. I'll try it as soon as I can and I'll let you know. In the meantime, whoever has other suggestions is welcome.
    – mguassa
    Commented Jul 2, 2015 at 18:03

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Thanks to @wingedpanther's suggestion, I've found Llama to be great.

It's an app for automation that can do much more than I was asking for, in a clever way (see the list on the app page).

Basically with Llama one can create several different events, with actions triggered based on certain conditions. One of its strengths is that it uses phone masts (cell tower) to determine the location of the device: this is a great feature when it's required to create location-based events, especially for those that don't keep the GPS on all the time and live in populated areas (which have many cells).

For example, in one my use cases, I wanted to disable the Android lock screen whenever I'm in an area defined as Home, and then re-enable it when leaving that same area. I defined my Home area as made of two particular cells, then I simply created a couple of events:

  • No PIN: it triggers a Screen lock password action based on the condition of Enter/In the Home area. Such password is set to empty/blank.
  • PIN: it triggers a Screen lock password action based on the condition of Leave the Home area. Such password is set to the usual PIN already existing on my device.

Llama PIN and No PIN events

I've found that to be sufficient to me so far but, since it's part of my requirements, I would add that it's also possible to create time-based events, and there's an experimental feature to use WiFi-based location tracking.

The app is free, works on non-rooted devices and I recommend it to any Android power-user.

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