Well, i want to make a video for my dad on his birthday. I want to make a video and save it, which will play a background song and flash photos with transitions (ex fade, slide in). It should allow to me to add Text to any photo inside the video/movie. then i want to dd closing credits text. It should be saved in video format like .flv , wmv and i want to download it and share with family and friends.

please recommend both free and paid tools?

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You can do exactly this sort of thing with FFMPEG, (and much more of course), I recently used it to generate a slide show of shots for part of a video of a friends funeral to send to the other side of the world to his parents. There are lots of examples of how to this online including the wiki, (and on the stack exchange sites).

  • Free
  • Cross Platform
  • Downside is no GUI but lots of documentation and examples

Typical command:

ffmpeg -loop 1 -i audio.m4a -pattern_type glob -i '*.png' -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:a copy -shortest out.mp4

Should create a video of all the .png files in the current directory with audio.m2a as the backing track. You will probably have to spend a little time looking at all the options and examples to get exactly what you need but it is worth the effort.


I’ve been using the Nero line of products to produce an end of year slide show for the past 8 years. The software is sold as a suite, or, as individual products. Nero Video 2015 currently retails for $60 US and provides many of the features you are looking for including:

  • Text captions
  • Audio soundtrack
  • Transitions
  • Themes
  • Burning to multiple formats

To name a few. They offer a 15 day trial that has some limitations. I would recommend you download the trial and check it out.


In this case, Windows Live Movie Maker should suffice for a very simple video with music. It lets you make simple transitions, text, music, and export to WMV/share.

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