I would like to know how to build a visual taxonomy tree from the categories on Wikipedia as a seed; are there any existing tools which might be able to be used in order to extract this type of information, format it for this use, & what I would have to do in order to use them.

Extract the titles & links to all of the related Categories & SubCategories for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Energy and put them into a DB for use with something like d3js {under consideration; although not a final decision - as ease of work, interface operation, cross compatibility, and extensibility are stronger considerations.}

Phylogenetic / Taxonomy tree visualization ie: one branch:

  • en.wikipedia /wiki/Category:Energy
  • en.wikipedia /wiki/Category:Energy_infrastructure
  • en.wikipedia /wiki/Category:Energy_infrastructure_by_continent
  • en.wikipedia /wiki/Category:Energy_infrastructure_in_Europe
  • en.wikipedia /wiki/Category:Energy_infrastructure_in_Spain

I am exploring en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:ApiSandbox to play around with the information given; however, I am only getting topical information eg: 29 Subcategories w/ 41 pages.

Something like this would be a success: Responsive Taxonomy Tree

General Reference:


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The Mediawiki software includes such a "visual taxonomy tree" feature, it is accessible here:


You have to specify the root, and it shows the tree folded by default, very similar to the image in the question:

enter image description here

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